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Yanda International Health City is located in Yanjiao on the east of Beijing, 30 kilometers from Tian'anmen Square and 25 kilometers from Beijing Capital International Airport. With an overall investment of approximately RMB15 billion, constructing for two phrases, Yanda International Health City comprises six parts: Yanda International Hospital, Yanda Golden Age Health Nursing Center, Yanda Medical Research Institute, Yanda Medical and Nursing Training Institute, Yanda Guobin Hotel & Conference Center and Yanda International Medical College.

Between the Hospital and Nursing Center in the Health City lies a 700-meter long and 60-meter wide ribbon-shaped water garden, covering an area of about 40,000 ㎡. It not only creates picturesque and pleasant scenery but also raises the air humidity and enhances the surrounding environmental quality.


Yanda International Hospital is a Level III general hospital established according to the JCI standards. The hospital is located in the health city of Yanjiao Economic and Technological Development Zone on the east of Beijing, 30 kilometers from Tian'anmen Square and 25 kilometers from Beijing Capital International Airport. As the only Level III general hospital in the Sanhe city, Yanda Hospital is also the medical insurance designated hospital, the new rural cooperative medical insurance designated hospital, and BUMA HealthCare designated hospital.

Top-notch specialist team with professional medical know-how

Yanda International Hospital has brought in a large number of world-renowned medical specialists domestic and overseas and have formed a top-notch medical team with professional medical know-how through close partnership with well-known medical institutions affiliated with Capital Medical Universty. Near one hundred specialits, most of which comes from Level III Grade A hospitals in China, possess the title of associate chief physician or above.

Yanda Hospital attaches importance to the Cardiovascular specialist team leading by world-renowned cardiac surgery professor Wan Feng, foreign academician of French National Surgery Institute; the Hematology & Oncology specialist team leading by celebrated hematologist and Chinese Academy of engineering Professor Lu Daopei; Orthopedics Specialist team leading by Professor Luo Zhengxian and Professor Yao Jianxiang who are awarded special allowance by State Council. With the first famous specialist team, covering 13 clinical departmentsents, sent by Beijing Chaoyang Hospital stationed in Yanda Hospital, Yanda has become the target hospital for residents living in the east of Beijing.

Top-notch Medical equipment

Yanda Hospital owns more than 28500 international state-of-the-art medical equipments, covering 24 categories, such as top-ranking 500-slice DCT brought in from GE, 3.0T NMR, 64-slice PET/CT, Dual C-type Angiography Machine, ZEEGO Angiography Machine, High-energy Linear Accelerator, upscale Laminar Flow Purification Hybrid Operation Room with huge investment, the largest Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers for 50 patients, Automatice Drug Dispensing Machine and so on.

Hotel-style Medical Environment

Yanda Hospital is equipped with 3,000 beds, including 2000 beds for inpatients and 1000 beds for recovery patients. 70% of the wards are luxurious single room covering an area of 42㎡, and part wards are two-room suites (85㎡) and three-room suites (136㎡), which comprise VIP and international special care zones. Between the Hospital and Nursing Center lies a 700-meter long and 60-meter wide ribbon-shaped water garden covering an area of about 40,000 ㎡. It not only creates picturesque and pleasant scenery but also raises the air humidity and enhances the surrounding environmental quality.

Yanda Hospital gives the prominence to the key medical centers: Cardiovascular Medical Center, Hematology & Oncology Medical Center, Orthopedics Medical Center, Neurology Medical Center, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics Department, Department of Urinary Surgery, Department of Respiration Medicine, Endocrinology Department, General Surgery Department, Department of Gastroenterology, Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Rehabilitation Department, Ophthalmology Department, Department of Stomatology, E.N.T. Department and so on.

Come to Yanda and embrace the health! With the perfect combination of top-notch medical and nursing specialists, state-of-art medical euipments and comfortable midical environment, Yanda Hospital takes "Patient Oriented" as guiding principle and provides world-leading quality care to the patients from home and abroad.


Yanda Golden Age Health Nursing Center is equipped with 12,000 beds. Independent-living residents live in the garden house home style residence while assisted-living residents live in the star-level hotel-style apartments. Nursing stations are located between every two home-style towers and on the ground floor of the hotel-style buildings. Each nursing station has a medical staff duty room, a pharmacy, featured Chinese & western restaurants, a coffee house, a bar and public activity area. The multifunctional avenue stretches from east to west through the Nursing Center. Along the avenue stands a Senior Citizen College, a movie theatre, a multifunctional hall, a hot spring swimming pool, a gym, a card room, a psychological consultation room, a barbershop, Chinese and western restaurants, a library, a supermarket and a religious area. In the religious area four religious sites are built including a Catholic church, a Christian church, a Mosque and a Buddhist temple.

Based on scientific findings, human being's life-span can be extended to 120-175 years depending on the acquired factors. The Nursing Center is committed to enhancing life quality, protecting life safty and prolonging life expectancy for the residents and insures that they enjoy a pleasant mood, balanced diet and scientific exercises. Traditional Chinese medicine therapies and stem cell technology are adopted to enable part of the assisted-living residents to regain health and self-care ability. With our effort, Yanda Golden Age Health Nursing Center will witness more centenarians in the near future.

Dance parties, art exhibitions, song competitions and other cultural and entertaining activities are hosted for residents in the multifunctional hall regularly. Residents who can't make the presence can watch the various cultural activities through digital TV indoors. The various cultural and entertaining activities add continuous fun and pleasure to the life of the residents.

Nursing Center has set up life-assisting and rehabilitative equipment, enabling the assisted-living residents to stand, walk, sunbathe, perform rehabilitative exercises and receive daily care.

The remote sensing monitoring equipment keeps track of the vital signs of high-risk residents with high blood pressure, cardiovascular and other diseases through the monitoring screen in central control room round the clock. Should any abnormality occur, the equipment will automatically set off the alarm to ensure them of prompt treatment and reduce the occurrence of sudden death.

Medical stations in Nursing Center provide regular free-of-charge check-up service and health assessment and establish health records for the residents. Residents with chronic, common or senile diseases are treated for free while those with severe diseases beyond the treatment scope of the medical stations will be transferred to Yanda International Hospital for further treatment.

Part of the high-quality nursing staff come from the Philippines and ever recieved the training of Chinese, Psychology and so on. The nursing staff not only cleans up rooms for the residents regularly on a daily basis, helps them with daily life, tidy up beds, perform laundry and use toilet, but also keep them company and communicate with them and provides high quality service to the residents.

The Senior Citizen College organizes lectures and seminars on politics, economics and science on a weekly basis. Various invention awards are specially established to encourage the residents to exert their talents and fulfill their potentials. Movies and TV programs on different subjects are played in the movie theatre every week. Residents can also watch revolutionary or their favorite on-demand movies. Besides, famous opera entertainers are invited regularly to perform for the residents.

Some of the residents may be single and live alone. Through a variety of social events, they'll find friendship and love to live a happy life.

By mutiple scientific experiments, scientists in Yanda Medical Research Institute have developed rejuvenating pills (a healthcare product) with more than 20 kinds of invaluable Chinese herbs. The pill not only enhances immune system, invigorates health and prolongs life, but also effectively prevents blood viscosity, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. It is an optimal choice to live in the Nursing Center, where the residents live with quality, experience with joy and fulfill their potentials during their peaceful and pleasant golden age.


Top-notch medical scientists in Yanda Medical Research Institute conduct research and development on anti-aging, life prolonging, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, comprehensive tumor treatment, regenerative medicine, molecular diagnosis, gene diagnosis, biochip and translational medicine. With the 100,000-piece internationally-certified stem cell bank, the medical scientists are dedicated to performing comprehensive treatment to various diseases, developing and producing new medicines. Yanda Medical Research Institute has gradually established its leading place as a top medical research institution of international excellence.


In order to promote the staff's capability of managemnt and medical care, all the managers and medical staff who are brought in should be trained for work license in Yanda Medical and Nursing Traning Institute before they become a full member of the company. Yanda Medical and Nursing Training Institute is committed to continuously hosting twice training programs (over ten days for one time) for the managers and medical staff of the Health City by expert lectures or organizing international medical and technological exchanges. For professors and senior managers, opportunities of international exchanges will be provided for the purpose of improving their professional ability. The Institute is devoted to building up a top international management and medical teams for Yanda International Health City. Likewise, the Yanda Medical and Nursing Traning Institute also provides training service for medical and nurse practitioners and places medical graduates into domestic and global healthcare markets.


Yanda Guobin Hotel & Conference Center is built up to the five-star hotel standard. The Lecture Hall and Yanda Hall equipped with simultaneous interpretation devices can accommodate nearly 1,000 guests in various international conferences. It is designed with the functions of over 200 guest suites, business services, catering, sports and recreation.


Yanda International Medical College is a modern and international leading medical school with Departments of Medicine, Medical Management and Nursing with a capacity of 12,000 students. In partnership with world-renowned medical education institutions, Yanda International Medical College will be built into a large-sized top-level international medical education institution offering dual-degree bachelor, master and PhD programs.


To ensure food safety, Yanda International Health City has specially established supply bases of vegetables, rice, flour, eggs, meat and beverages. A set of quality control system by use of modern science and technology is implemented to strictly inspect and monitor food sources, production chains, logistic distribution and consumption process.

To insure drinking water quality, the Health City utilizes the deep underground water source under the Yanshan Mountains to produce drinking water up to the mineral water standard through scientific processing and strict inspection. Yanjiao is an emerging modern city where the air quality generally reaches the Class I standard all year round.

With the superior location, international leading vision, modern management mode, high-caliber Chinese and foreign medical specialist team, outstanding care, state-of-the-art medical equipment and the perfect combination of medical care, professional training, scientific research and elderly nursing, Yanda International Health City will surely gain the valuble experience and achieve world-class excellence on the issues of medical treatment, public health and elderly nursing which are worldwide chanllenges in the near future.